HealthOn this page, I present to your attention the recommendations for maintaining health, tested first of all on myself, and then on relatives, friends, acquaintances.

I am not a doctor, and therefore everything that is presented here does not belong to official medicine, and is not an alternative to it.

There are many ways to maintain and restore health, and it is not reasonable to neglect any of them, since no one ever knows 100% exactly what is best for a particular case, i.e. the body, therefore the best results are usually provided by complex solutions.

My recommendations are more related to methods that can be attributed to the groups under the names «Natural product», «Healthy lifestyle» and «Cleansing the body».

The technology of making candles from cocoa butter with propolis and essential oils of medicinal plants, for the effective treatment of hemorrhoids, prostatitis, thrush and other inflammatory, male and female diseases, at home
Surprisingly, a very simple way to combat covid was found in the mycology laboratory of the Novosibirsk State Scientific Center of VB «Vector», known as the developer of the second Russian vaccine against COVID-19 — «EpiVacCorona».
Contrary to logic, I will not start this article with a description of the procedure, and the excellent results to which it leads, they will be lower, but with some of the nuances that I have encountered since I began to practice this method of healing the body.


Impotence. How to escape from this misfortune. I will not expand on what contributes to its appearance. If there is, we must get rid of it. To this end, I present to you 11 recipes for herbal infusions that our ancestors used to successfully restore and maintain their manhood.
Pine pollen is essentially the fertilization cell of the embryo, containing all the necessary substances for the development of the fetus. This is the reason for its rich, miraculous composition.
In this article, I want to conduct a small investigation on the subject of who and what sells on the Internet under the brand name Pine Pollen, which is undoubtedly the miraculous elixir of youth.
But you can get rid of hypertension. FOREVER AND EVER. And I did it. It was also possible to stop the development of a hernia of the cervical spine. And there is a not unfounded hope to get rid of it.
Hello everyone who wants to know how to make Ivan tea (narrow-leaved fireweed) growing within the available limits with their own hands. In this article, I will try to reveal all the secrets and nuances of preparing and preparing this wonderful drink.
Today I will tell you about the truly wonderful healing properties of linden flowers, about when and how to prepare them and from what diseases and how to use them.
Recently, more and more people are interested in how to make tea from plants growing within walking distance, namely, what is leaf fermentation and what is it for. Fermentation is a key part of tea making and now I will try to tell you everything I know about it.
How did you get the idea to make tea from strawberry leaves?
It all started with the fact that a year ago I met my classmate, who had achieved great success in the profession of an ultrasound doctor, who offered me, after lengthy “how are you”, to undergo an ultrasound examination.
Someone will refuse. Firstly — nasharu, and secondly, a specialist for whom a record for six months.
The examination showed that there is sand in the kidneys. When asked «How to get rid of it,» Zulfat recommended that I drink a decoction of strawberry leaves.