Construction and repair

Secrets and nuances of construction and finishing works

We build and save

A post for future developers, correcting thoughts and actions in the right direction.
I know by myself how the lack of money for materials and tools, as well as the question «How to save money during construction»
I will not recommend here, samophals based on sawdust, straw, slag, etc., on the contrary, the conversation will focus on the materials used in construction and manufactured in factories.

Tools and fixtures


Do you really need a crane? So let’s do it. Small-sized, with swing and boom lift, carrying capacity of two bags of cement, or 30 pieces of bricks, or 3 large buckets of concrete.
Oh, those puddles at the construction site after the rain! Strain. Now we will learn how to quickly remove them with an ordinary Spring. I think everyone knows this cheap vibro pump.
A concrete mixer is a very simple tool, but when working with it there are many little things that can significantly facilitate the process.

Concrete and mortars

A post for those who need to make a bucket of 10 + concrete or mortar, but there is no concrete mixer for some reason, or drag it to the eleventh floor for scrap.
So I looked through the first pages of the search for the proportions of concrete, and my brains slowly began to boil. Everything is given in parts, some by weight, some by volume, and even with reservations, footnotes to TU and GOST, and even in numbers with tenths, and it means that all this needs to be measured and re-weighed, and only a household balance with crochet. Accurate — already horror.
But this is not the most interesting thing either. Everywhere in proportions appear separately sand and gravel, but concrete, for some reason, everything is mainly made from ASG.

Floor walls

In this article I will tell and show you how to make durable, warm, with high sound insulation, and relatively inexpensive expanded clay walls, and how you can save money in this matter.
Any man can make brickwork. Mastering this profession does not require any unimaginable efforts and extra abilities.
Well, there is nothing tricky about this work. The main thing is practice, and again, practice. Therefore, all that is needed is: a) your desire; b) a sufficient amount of work for practice; c) my advice to help you carry out this practice.
How to make a monolithic floor slab between floors. The expediency of such an overlap arises when the size of the overlapping areas is non-standard, or there is no way to fit the equipment for laying the slabs, or there is not enough money for the purchase and equipment.
A pile-strip foundation is the most suitable option for a house being built in the grip of a limited budget, drawn up from honest, labor earnings.
Anyone else, but I was always bothered by the cracked and lopsided blind area around the house.
Everything seems to be beautiful, but the cracks in the blind area, from which curved vegetation rushes, spoil the whole view, not to mention the fact that such a blind area does not fulfill its direct purpose — to protect the foundation from erosion.

How to make a very smooth floor screed without seams and cracks after drying. The finishing of the premises begins with the screed, and the saving of money, in which we are so interested, begins with the screed.
How and what to plaster the walls of your cottage, why and how they need to be leveled — about this, and not only, I will try to tell you as much as possible in this article.
In this post I will describe several nuances that accompany one of the most difficult finishing operations — leveling the ceiling. In fact, those who dare to take on this work without any experience, I would call desperate homemade people.
This article is about the small nuances that await you when working with drywall, knowing which you can significantly reduce the budget for finishing work.
This article is a detailed, with all the nuances, instructions for installing an interior door.
What to do with the remnants and scraps of drywall, which are both a pity to throw away, and there seems to be nothing left to leave. To begin with, I will throw in a couple of ideas regarding their application, and you can send your thoughts and examples in the comments. I will include them in the article, and publish them with an indication of your authorship.
Hello dear homemade products. The conversation will focus on foam baseboards installed on plastered ceilings (drywall, floor slabs).

Laying tiles, mosaics


How to lay the tiles yourself. Let’s consider this process in detail, with an analysis of subtleties and nuances.
And there are many nuances in this work. This is the geometry of the tiles, and the size and tiles with specially disturbed geometry, with a relief, with an abstract pattern.
In addition to visual and geometric features, tiles differ in the materials from which they are made.
There are also peculiarities in the bases that are tiled.
If you decide to lay the tiles on the wall yourself, then you will need patience, diligence and some skills in working with building materials, and I will tell you about the rest now.
Laying tiles on the floor contains a number of nuances, knowing which you can do this work yourself. And I will help you with this.
Hello dear homemade products.
I have already touched on the issue of laying tiles on a wooden floor in the article Laying tiles on the floor . Now let’s analyze it in more detail.
In this article, we will consider the nuances that you need to know when performing repairs in a bathroom or toilet.
In this post, we will be cutting tile and ceramic tiles without a tile cutter.
How to lay a mosaic on your own, and what features and nuances you need to know, when performing this most difficult work — we’ll talk about this in this article.
How to remove old adhesive from tiles



Leningradka is a diagram of one pipe, and it has both undoubted advantages and disadvantages. Now we will analyze everything in detail, and you will decide whether it suits you or not.
This post will be very useful to those who first decided to start welding polypropylene pipes.
Until now, linen is the best thread reel. First, I will justify this statement, and then we will disassemble the process of execution.
A post for those who have a need to add or subtract a section near a heating radiator.
The conversation in this article will be about water heated floors, all the nuances of the manufacture of which, we will consider.
In this article, we will continue the topic of underfloor heating, namely, we will analyze whether it is possible to make heating at home, only underfloor heating, and whether it needs to be done.
What to do if you have broken through a water heated floor, and what to do if a working heat-insulated floor made of metal-plastic is broken, and below, under it, there are floors with living quarters?
In this article, we will save again. I will tell you how to abandon the traditional form of heating — various types of radiators, and instead make warm walls by laying heating pipes in them.

Log house


If you need a high-quality log house, which will later become your cozy home, let’s learn how to choose it.
The log house is selected. Now I will try to tell you everything I know about what kind of moss is better to lay a log house, and how to collect, transport, lay, and then punch this moss.
The log house has been purchased, now it needs to be properly assembled and installed. And how to do this if you have not had to do anything like this before?
If you add information from several posts with advice on assembling a log house to the saying «Eyes are afraid, but hands do», then you will be quite capable of doing this work.
Log houses are not collected by gods, but by men like you, perhaps even more crooked. So why are you worse? Let’s do it. And I will help.
So, the blockhouse is installed under the roof, what’s next. And then we will deal with its decoration, and at the same time protection from various external influences.
It is quite possible to cut down the log house yourself. Now we will find out all the details and see, well, and an ax in your hands.
Срубить сруб самому — вполне реально. Сейчас все подробности узнаем и посмотрим, ну и топор Вам в руки.



You can, of course, buy a sauna fireplace, but let’s try to make it yourself. Firstly, it will be cheaper, and secondly, you can implement your own design solution and make a fireplace that no one else has.
By itself, laying an artificial decorative stone is a very simple matter, and I would not waste time describing it if it were not for one No.
This is No — seam making. You probably already guessed that we are talking about an artificial stone in the form of an old brick.
This summer, two baths were built, one with completely brick walls, the second with a wall rise by a meter, and then a log house. In both baths, the brick wall is insulated with foam.
Both are completely autonomous, that is, they stand on the outskirts of the house, and in fact are small houses, so this option for wall insulation can be successfully used in the construction of a house for permanent residence.
It was built in the summer, but I post the material only now, in January, when the frost tests were passed.
Someone argued that the floors should be made as low as possible to the ground, someone, on the contrary, higher. Someone advised to make the floors oak or fox-like — they will never rot.
For inquisitive minds I will explain why neither one nor the other is worth doing, and what needs to be done so that the wooden floors in the bath are always naturally warm.
In this article, we will sheathe a brick bath with clapboard, with insulation.