In this article, we will clean the gas column heat exchanger at home.
It is rather expensive to order a heat exchanger cleaning in a specialized organization, and in my first experience, it takes a long time, so we will clean it with improvised means, in ordinary yard conditions and almost free
Here’s a bad luck — the toilet cistern leaked. No matter how much you press the flush button, the water from the tank continues to flow into the toilet and does not want to stop.
This is due to the flush mechanism or otherwise the toilet fittings, and the main reason for its failure is the poor quality of the tap water, which Vodokanal treats us, and for which we pay not frail money, so we will urgently correct the situation.
In this article, we will learn how to make a modular stretcher for a painting, and in subsequent ones we will give it an ancient look and stretch a canvas on it, or a finished painting, which can then be presented to inexperienced friends in this matter, as written in the century before last.

Car and other equipment

How to understand what the hydraulic lifter is knocking or not working. Determination and elimination of the causes of knocking, as well as replacement and adjustment of the hydraulic compensator Niva 21214 injector.
It’s mine! The cable broke. What to do? How to open the hood?
This short instruction will help you quickly get out of a seemingly hopeless situation that can happen anywhere, and not every car service knows how to open the hood when the cable breaks.
If your injector Niva has a generator covered and it urgently needs to be replaced, then you don’t have to go to the service for this, since this is not difficult and is quite within the power of a normal man.
The generator can be replaced without a pit and without a lift. Even jacking up is not necessary, it is quite possible to do with a cardboard rug or something like that
Once a couple of times I turned to my familiar auto repairmen with a request to replace the speedometer cable on my Niva, but I did not meet enthusiasm and understanding, apparently cheap and tricky, and after the fruit of life without a speedometer I came to a disappointing conclusion — I have to change myself.
If the sound signal stopped working on your Niva, then it is not necessary to immediately look for an electrician. The problem is not difficult and now you yourself will understand it. Let’s go from simple.
If the ignition switch suddenly breaks down, then the first thing to do is to calm down and start the car in order to get to the place where you can buy the ignition switch, and then to the house where you can replace it. Let’s see how it’s done.
You can replace the wheel bearing yourself, in your own garage and even without it, if the weather permits.
It will take 2 hours at most, taking into account that you are doing it for the first time.

Home farm

Making a fence-wattle is not difficult, but it has some nuances, without knowing which, instead of a beautiful and high-quality wattle fence, you can not understand what.
“The scythe has been repulsed and imprisoned. Ready for work. » This is a cute label on my new purchase. I would have added: Only a damn thing does not mow. Well, let’s make it mow. This is not difficult.
To beat off and sharpen the scythe you will need the following tools: 1. Two hammers weighing 1 kg. 2. Vice. 3. Grinder with petal attachment (optional). 4. A bar for straightening the braid.
Now we will make a manual water pump.
This thing is not difficult — business day, but in some cases it is simply irreplaceable, for example, where there is no power grid, but there is a vegetable garden and an artesian well


homemade food

Duck stomachs are very inexpensive, but very tasty. I don’t know exactly about the usefulness, but I think not without it, since the duck is very picky in food and will never eat food containing an unnatural product such as antibiotics and synthetic growth stimulants.
Fried mushrooms are one of the most popular mushroom dishes. We will fry the boletus
A soft-boiled egg is boiled in boiling water for 4 minutes. Like twice two! But it’s not that simple.
Everyone knows where eggs come from — of course from the refrigerator.


Hello dear gourmets.
And the fact that we will now make a dish specifically for gourmets raises no doubts, although we will not salt pink salmon or sturgeon caviar, but roach roe.
Everyone who has prepared apple juice for the winter knows what a hassle it is. However, my wife and I can conserve up to twenty liters of this wonderful drink a day and probably many will be interested to know how to do this.
Let’s pickle the milk mushrooms correctly so that later we will enjoy their unique taste,
rather than consuming something multi-frutti, collected from different flavors
Hello everyone who wants to know how to make Ivan tea (narrow-leaved fireweed) growing within the available limits with their own hands. In this article, I will try to reveal all the secrets and nuances of preparing and preparing this wonderful drink.