Hemorrhoids, prostatitis, cystitis, thrush — treatment with folk remedies


The technology of making candles from cocoa butter with propolis and essential oils of medicinal plants, for the effective treatment of hemorrhoids, prostatitis, thrush and other inflammatory, male and female diseases, at home

Rectal-vaginal suppositories are more effective than tablets, since the active substances contained in them act directly on the focus of the disease, without passing through the gastrointestinal tract.

At the same time, the healing substances contained in the candle are absorbed into the bloodstream and have a beneficial effect on the entire body.

And as a bonus — a unique, deodorant, natural aroma obtained by mixing cocoa butter and propolis.

Making effective rectal suppositories on your own is not easy but quite possible.

And although the Internet is full of information on this topic, but almost all of it has a solid share of cunning and does not reveal all the nuances of the process, and there are very, very many of them.

So if you come across material where it says that making candles from cocoa butter with propolis is not difficult, then you should know that this is someone who has no idea about the process and simply exploits a super popular topic in order to increase the traffic of his resource.

It took me almost six months of constant experimentation before I got a pretty decent, basic candle from cocoa butter and propolis, and then more than two more years on experiments and testing of additives in the form of essential oils of various medicinal plants, which, in the end, led to very good results.

This is the first reason I am writing this article right now.

The second reason is that most of the modern drugs offered by the pharmacy chain and advertised across all channels as if they were chocolates or sausages do not fulfill the declared functions.

If they worked as advertised, then, even despite their considerable prices, few people would want to dig up folk recipes and suffer with the manufacture of homemade medicines.

But they don’t work.

If someone Arbidol strengthened the immune system, Denol completely cured the stomach, Relief finally cured hemorrhoids, Prostamol cured prostatitis, Heptral restored the liver, and Diflucan once and for all got rid of thrush, then you can leave this page. I think there won’t be many of them.

I will tell everyone else in detail and show you how to do

  1. Rectal-vaginal suppositories from cocoa butter
  2. Essential oils and extracts of medicinal plants and propolis
  3. How to make a recipe and introduce the resulting composition into a candle
  4. How to use rectal-vaginal suppositories

Very important

I do not deny official medicine and do not treat it with disdain, on the contrary, official medicine, especially diagnostics, is a necessary foothold, without which there is nowhere.

And a therapist who has worked on the site for many years is a storehouse of practical experience, with rare exceptions.

Here are the mistakes you can make without going to your doctor.

1. You can mistake one disease for another

2. Any disease can be in an exacerbation stage, which is better to stop with medication, and then take folk remedies until it is completely cured.

3. Any disease can be at a stage when the surgeon is the last hope, and apart from surgery, nothing can be helped.

And it is simply stupid to ignore the achievements of modern medical diagnostics, which, moreover, are provided to you completely free of charge under a quota.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that any self-medication be carried out using data from medical examinations, that is, under the supervision of a doctor.

Of course, the overwhelming majority of doctors, due to the specifics of their profession, will find many arguments that demean the value of treatment with folk methods, and you must understand this, accept and draw the correct conclusions.

And the correct conclusions are that, first of all, you need to determine exactly what we are treating, and then, when treating with folk remedies, you need to rely not only on your own feelings, but also regularly undergo medical examinations and monitor their results.

And one more nuance that has become very relevant recently.

Before you start self-medication with herbal remedies and beekeeping products, you need to make sure that you are not allergic to them.

I know of only one test method — apply a drop of the substance on the skin of the hand, rub in and see what happens.

This concludes the introductory part and goes directly to the process.

Propolis extract

Propolis extract and cocoa butter are the two main ingredients of the candle. And if everything is clear with cocoa butter, then the propolis extract still needs to be prepared. Let’s start with him.

Why do you need to extract propolis? After all, it itself is already a healing substance.

There are two reasons for this.

The first reason is the high melting point of propolis, about 80 ° C. C. And if in the digestive tract there are substances capable of dissolving it (saliva, gastric juice, bile), then they are not in the rectum, since only working off reaches it.

Not extracted propolis in the rectum simply will not dissolve, and therefore will not be absorbed into the body.

There will, of course, be a superficial effect, but it will only relieve symptoms, not a cure.

The second reason is that even very high-quality propolis consists of at least 30% beeswax.

By itself, beeswax contains many useful substances, but, like propolis, having a high melting point, in the rectum it will only be ballast.

That is why, to obtain propolis suitable for the task at hand, ethyl alcohol is needed. Better class «Lux», but «Extra» will go.

I will make a reservation right away that I use «Extra» alcohol in my research, since it was with great difficulty that I found the opportunity to buy in large quantities.

And quite a lot of alcohol is required, since in addition to obtaining the extract itself, alcohol is required for constant antiseptic processing, as well as washing dishes and tools, which cannot be washed off from propolis.

How to choose quality propolis

It will be difficult for an ordinary person who has nothing to do with beekeeping to distinguish high-quality propolis from fakes, so I will try to help you with this as much as I can.

This is what 100 grams of natural propolis looks like. It may be a little darker or a little lighter, but in general it is.


Also, be sure to try the proposed product «by the teeth». It will be enough to bite off a piece the size of a match head and chew a little. If propolis is of high quality, then you will feel a rather tangible burning sensation, and then «knitting» in your mouth. And it won’t go away quickly. Five minutes will be felt.

Here are two examples that I came across in the beginning, and that you may also encounter.

The first time I found an offer of propolis on Avito. The seller brought me a round timber, very similar in shape to a hockey puck, except that it was thinner, uniform, very dark brown, stupefying smelling of propolis. Subsequently, it turned out — paraffin + dye + filler + flavor.

And this «good» cost 500 rubles. for 100 gr. What? Tint and flavor the contents of a bottle of vodka is fine. And no one will cut through anything.

The second incident occurred in the central market of Kazan. On the counters were balls of three colors: light gray, red and dark brown. I asked why there was such a difference, to which the seller confidently explained to me that light gray is poplar propolis, red is linden, and dark brown is pine.

When I timidly doubted that the bee was landing on a pine tree, I immediately received a detailed and rather convincing, admittedly, explanation of what the bee sits on and where it gets propolis.

That propolis is a product of bee pollen processing, and not brought from outside — not a word. But there were sworn assurances that propolis was from our own apiary.

It is better to leave such people right away. Not so, so deceived.

So, when buying propolis, be careful, and do not hesitate to seem fastidious otherwise, in our crafty age, you can easily buy do not understand what.

How to make propolis extract

For the manufacture of propolis extract, you will need food grade ethyl alcohol «Lux» or «Extra».

We take 100 gr. propolis, put it in the freezer for a couple of hours, then rub it on a grater. Pour the resulting mass into 500 gr. alcohol.


Alcohol, I always use 70 percent, which is what I advise you. There are two reasons for this. The first is that it is not just that the medical solution is made 70%. Second, the first time I got a good result.

Then, the container is placed in a dark place for a week and shaken at least once a day.

For a week, all propolis will dissolve in alcohol, and the wax contained in propolis will also partially dissolve. everything else will remain in the sediment.

The liquid will take on the color of chocolate, and the sediment will take on the color of coffee with milk.

After that, the liquid must be drained through a sieve into a glass or porcelain bowl. Glass is better, as propolis sticks less to glass.

A regular household sieve will not work. All the dregs and all the small undissolved fraction will pass through it. Even micro chips slip through, which happens to remain after cleaning, rinsed.

In a candle all this «good» is absolutely useless. Therefore, a finer mesh should be used as a sieve. Brass mesh «Vodostop» filters well.


Further, from the filtered extract, you need to remove the alcohol, or rather let it evaporate, since it is completely unnecessary in the candle. Moreover, it is harmful, since in the presence of alcohol, a stable, solid candle simply does not work.

This process is very long, so there can be no question of any water bath. Well, unless you are ready to stand over it for several days, adding water.

It is best to evaporate in a household dryer for herbs, vegetables and fruits, but you can also in the oven at a temperature of 50-60 ° C. C. The main thing is that it is clean and protected from dust.

The process is quick at first, but the less extract remains in the bowl, the slower the evaporation occurs.

In the process, propolis will remain on the sides of the bowl, so a linden spatula will be required in order to drive it down.

Otherwise, it will dry out so much that later it will be very difficult to scrape off and it will no longer be possible to use it to make candles.


By the end, the chilled extract should be a very viscous, sticky, chocolate-colored mass.

Yes, I completely forgot. Weigh the bowl before filtering the extract. Without this, it will be impossible to determine the completion of evaporation.

Readiness is determined by weighing the bowl with what remains after evaporation. The weight of the finished extract should be no more than 70% of the weight of the whole propolis. In our case, 70 grams should remain, no more.

If it turns out that there is more left, then the process has not yet been completed.

How to make a candle

We bought cocoa butter (if possible, it is better to take Ecuadorian), we made propolis extract, now we can make a basic composition — cocoa butter + propolis.

This composition is already a powerful healing agent, but experiments have suggested that either our body, or diseases that have taken root in it, rather quickly adapt to new conditions.

And if at first pretty good results are obtained, then with subsequent use, the effect of the previously used drugs weakens, and since it is impossible to cure a chronicle in one course, then in subsequent courses something needs to be changed and added in the composition.

That is why the composition of cocoa butter + propolis is basic, and there are enough various healing additives around us, thank God. But about them below.

How to combine cocoa butter with propolis

This is where the real difficulties begin. The fact is that propolis does not dissolve in cocoa butter and other vegetable oils, in any form. Neither hot nor cold.

This is a proven fact. I remember at first, after watching videos and reading articles from the tops of the search, I intensely warmed, cooled and interfered, remembering the authors of the materials in different words. And the words, at the same time, came to mind all some bad ones.

After unsuccessful experiments, in which a lot of precious material was spoiled, he began to search and experiment further. And I found it.

Propolis dissolves well in animal fats at room temperature. It can be lard, butter, natural petroleum jelly, and only then, the resulting ointment combines well, with light heating, with cocoa butter.

But it was not there. Everything connects well, and is rubbed into the skin, which means it is absorbed perfectly, but animal fats have a very low melting point and a very short shelf life.

This means that they weaken the resistance of the candle to temperatures above 18 ° C. C, and cannot be stored for a long time.

That is, I did it in the refrigerator, and from there I quickly applied it. And you have to do it in small batches — at a time, otherwise they will deteriorate.

The solution, in the end, was found as follows: to reduce the content of animal fat in propolis to the possible limits. Propolis is a natural preservative, and with its predominance, fat is stored ten times longer.

The minimum amount that could be identified empirically was 50% of the mass of propolis.

So, first we mix propolis and butter (I liked it more than lard or petroleum jelly), until a homogeneous consistency.

This can be done at room temperature and fairly quickly. By the way, it turns out a very good, healing ointment.

Next, you need to combine this ointment with cocoa butter, and this, at room temperature, will not work, since cocoa butter melts only at a temperature of 36.5 ° C. FROM.

This means you need a heater. I adapted an ordinary electric stove for this and it has been working properly for more than three years.


DO NOT CATEGORALLY overheat the mass. The process from start to finish should take place at a temperature of 30-35 ° C. C, with constant stirring.

If you blink and the cocoa butter melts to a transparent state, then propolis will stand out both from it and from the butter. Then it will be very problematic to mix it again. It will tend to sink down, and will subsequently stick to the bottom of the bowl, to the spatula, and then to the mold, which can break the candle when removed from the mold.

Therefore, stirring and temperature control must be constant. On average, the whole process takes about 2 hours, so before you start mixing, you need to take measures so that nothing distracts you.


You need to mix until the mixture acquires a consistency like that of 25% sour cream from Pyaterochka, without any lumps and grains.

As soon as the mass reaches the desired consistency, pour it into a soft plastic food container and leave it to ripen and harden for at least a day.


I discovered this property quite by accident, when one day I did not have time to work out the entire prepared composition, and left a part for the next day.

Candles made from a re-processed composition, even visually and on the break, differed greatly in quality from the original ones, for the better.

And then application tests showed much better results.

So, in a day, we place the containers in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, and again grind them on a grater and stir until the consistency of sour cream. It turns out a little faster again.

Now you can cast candles.

Basic candle recipe


  • Cocoa butter — 100 gr.
  • Propolis extract — 30 gr.
  • Butter — 15 gr.


  • Cocoa butter — 100 gr.
  • Propolis extract — 20 gr.
  • Butter — 10 gr.

For rectal suppositories, the propolis content in the base suppository can vary from 25% to 30%. A smaller amount will have a very weak effect, and an excess can cause mucosal burns.

For vaginal, 15-20% will be optimal. Excess causes itching.

How to cast candles

I’ve seen a lot of tricks on the internet about making candle molds. From everything I’ve seen and tried, I can recommend two options.

1. Budget — use 5 mm syringes as a form.

2. Order the production of a form on a 3D printer. Many organizations now provide similar services.

The question is complicated by the fact that only polypropylene and silicone are suitable for making a mold from available materials. The candle sticks to other plastics and metals due to the high content of propolis, and it is simply impossible to remove it from there without damaging it.

Syringes are made of transparent polypropylene and I started with them. For your own needs, it is quite a normal option.

But since the demand has increased over time (I do not live on a desert island — relatives, friends, friends of relatives, relatives of friends, etc.), I ordered polypropylene sleeves on a 3D printer and sealed them with a plexiglass plate. It turned out to be an excellent and inexpensive form for 200 pieces.

I refused silicone due to the fact that it was not enough for a long time. Very soft. After three or four times it becomes completely unsightly.

The syringe is made as follows: the end is cut off, into which the needle is inserted, so that the remaining part can hold 2.5 cubes.

In a syringe with a volume of 5 mm. this will be about a millimeter above the 3-mark.

In this form, just 2 grams fits. composition.


Syringes are usually filled — the open end is lowered into the prepared composition, which is drawn in by the piston.

Of course, not everything happens like clockwork. It happens that bubbles form inside the syringe or the composition is not completely recruited. Then you have to add it with a linden spatula.

But the most unpleasant thing is that after the set, the composition remains on the outside of the syringe and begins to drain. This must be foreseen, and as soon as you pick up the filled syringe, first of all, with the same linden spatula, you need to clean the outer part.

You also need to prepare a rack for filled syringes. It can be made from an ordinary cardboard box by drilling holes in its bottom along the diameter of the syringe stem.


When all the syringes are full, we send the rack to the refrigerator for half an hour, after which we squeeze the ready-made candles out of them.

How to make a recipe

As I said above, a slight change in the recipe of the candle, in the form of adding essential oils of medicinal plants, leads to better results.

And if you need to start treatment with a basic recipe, then in the future it is advisable to make additions to it, in accordance with the disease against which your efforts are directed.

There are a huge amount of healing plants around us, we go for medicines, and they all contain essential oils, which in turn are a storehouse of elements that are so necessary for your body in the fight against ailments.

The compounds of the elements formed in essential oils are unique to each plant, although many of them are similar in their healing properties.

Different plants can be used to treat one disease. This is what needs to be applied in our case.

I will not lay out the «Directory of Healing Plants of Russia» here (specifically for Russia, because what is good for a Chinese is death for a Russian. It is necessary to be cured by what lives and grows next to you), it is not difficult to find it on the same Internet, and find in it what suits you and what is contraindicated.

And from what was found, add different ingredients to the recipe.

This must be approached with great responsibility, taking into account all the characteristics of your body, including all chronicles and allergic reactions.

For example, in the treatment of prostatitis and urolithiasis, goldenrod gives a very good effect, but it is categorically contraindicated for phosphate stones.

Or nettles. It treats various infections, bleeding, atherosclerosis and a bunch of other diseases, but it is contraindicated with increased blood viscosity and with fluid retention in the body (kidneys, heart).

And when using juniper oil with propolis, it is strictly not recommended to consume alcoholic beverages. None, not even beer, and not in any quantities. And few people know about this and is not said anywhere.

This became clear from the bitter experience of my volunteers, one of whom, a trucker, cannot live without 150 grams. own production after the voyage, and the other three are fans of foam. Two women.

After using candles with the addition of juniper oil, they had a burning sensation after stool, some during urination, which stopped only a week later, after stopping all alcohol consumption. Not fatal, of course, but very unpleasant.

And from those who do not use — no side effects.

The base candle, without juniper, has no such effects. At least fill up with alcohol.

All this must be known for sure about yourself before you put something inside yourself.

You can find out from a doctor, or on the Internet. Just do not advise looking for information on the request «Plant name + contraindications». The request should be composed like this: «Plant name + dissertation».

For every plant growing on the earth, by someone and once, scientific research has already been carried out and published. Only from them you can get reliable information, and what is shown on the first pages of the search, for the most part, chatter and plagiarism from each other.

It should also be borne in mind that natural 100% essential oils are a strong concentrate and should be added to the recipe in small quantities.


For example, if a rectal base suppository has 25% propolis, then for the next course this component is reduced by 5%, and instead of them some essential oil is introduced in the amount of the same 5%.

Substances with minimal contraindications, such as chamomile, motherwort, or rose oil, can be substituted for a larger percentage.

For example, in vaginal suppositories, chamomile or rose oil, you can replace half of the original propolis component, or simply add it to the existing composition in an amount of up to 10-15%.

I have not tried to completely replace propolis with essential oils. So there is still a lot of interesting work ahead.

How to use rectal-vaginal suppositories.

I am not a big supporter of astrology and do not really believe in the influence of heavenly bodies on a person. Somehow there was no time and desire to test these theories and draw conclusions.

However, in our case, I was interested in the lunar calendar.

During the practice with candles, both me and my, so to speak, volunteer patients, it was noticed that interruptions in the use of candles often have a very unexpectedly good effect.

Let me explain. Let’s say you have hemorrhoids, you put candles on a daily basis, but there are no special changes. Once you got wrapped up and forgot about the candle, then the problems rolled over and a few more days were missed.

Then you finally remember that you need to light candles, sit down on the toilet and feel that something seems to be missing. And you realize that the hemorrhoidal lump has either shrunk or disappeared altogether.

This is exactly what happened for the first time with me personally, and several people later told me about this.

That is, we need some kind of short break.

So I thought: after all, there is a lunar calendar, how trustworthy it is — this is everyone’s business, although there is no smoke without fire.

But in this calendar, not favorable days are indicated for taking medications, on which you can take a break. Why not? It certainly won’t get any worse.

Now I advise everyone to adhere to this rule.

For the duration of the course, I adhere to generally accepted standards — 30 candles course, then examination and a break ± 30 days.

But if you try to completely replace propolis with any essential oil, or the composition of oils, then, most likely, the next course can be started without interruption. Finding this out is a minimum program.

Buy candles

For the purchase of candles, or the basic composition for candles, you can contact in the comments, or email me at pylsa_sosny@mail.ru

I wish you all good health.

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